I believe that private coaching is one of the best ways that you can dive into your personalized stories, navigate your body, unearth your desires and become a truly pleasured woman.
It is an opportunity to understand exactly how your brain ticks, how your nervous system responds and how to best ally with YOUR body and mind to create the results you want in your life.
Sexuality. Sensuality. Desire. Passion. Pleasure.
We bring it ALL to the table. Nothing is off-limits or taboo.
One on one coaching is an intimate collaboration between you - the one seeking something more, and me - the one who will compassionately guide you to that outcome.
It is one of my absolute favorite relationships to cultivate and I am thrilled to be offering this type of support on your pursuit for more pleasure.
I have coached hundreds of women to claim their desires, wake up their bodies to orgasmic pleasure, boldly pursue their passions and learn how to fiercely have their own backs - we laugh, we cry, we have fun and get down to business.
There is not a defined process with private coaching, rather a fluid approach that allows us to respond to your individual lived experience. 
So what I want you to ask yourself is . . . what do YOU WANT? Like really?
What would make your body tingle all over in anticipation? 
Orgasmic sex? Rekindled passion? A delicious self-love affair? Your business fueled by embodied pleasure? 
What, that once achieved, would make your life feel juicy, rich and full of vibrancy?
And maybe, its just that - simply being IN your life in such a way that your experience is more colorful and vibrant.
I want you to know that what you want matters and it is totally possible to create it and I can help you.
My modality of coaching is a unique combination of mindset, neuroscience of change, somatics, pleasure and oodles of compassion. 
Oh and humor, lots and lots of humor.
It is highly intellectual AND an immersive embodied experience. 
So if you are ready to use the intelligence of your brain to drop into your body and start living an ACTUAL orgasmic life then fill out form below.
Once the form is filled out we will schedule a time to talk, discuss where you are now, where you are wanting to be and see if we are a compatible coaching fit.
Coaching packages range from short term intensives, weekly three-month coaching to monthly 'pleasure boost' sessions. We will discuss options on our call to determine what will facilitate the transformation most effectively for your life.
Investment $500 - $10,000 USD.
I look forward to talking with you more.

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