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Masterclass: The Art & Science of Receiving (The Good Stuff) - Part 1

A brain & body masterclass to expand your capacity to receiving more of the good stuff.

This is a replay of the live class that was taught on July 28th.

Learning to receive is an essential skill in order to live a life full of pleasurable and meaningful experiences .

Not only are you giving yourself the gift of feeling better, but taking in the good stuff is an anecdote to depletion & burnout and allows us to support our bodies, nervous system and overall well-being.

Yet most of us are unintentionally cutting our brains and bodies off from being fully open and available to actually receiving the good around us -- be that pleasure from a lover, acceptance/compliments from a friend or even financial abundance.

We have been socialized to believe that "giving is better than receiving" and despite the fact that science does show generoisty is key to good mental health, this sentiment fails to acknowledge the societal pressure to give, give, give that leads most of us (especially women) depleted, burned out and disconnected from our orgasmic & abundant potential.

It can be especially hard in intimate relationships - where giving love, pleasure or acceptance is easy, but fully receiving these things, not so much. 

This masterclass is meant to turn it all around so you can take in more of the juiciness in your life and experience the lasting benefits of being able to receive the good.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Understand the importance of receiving and where you might be blocking yourself from the good stuff (in all areas of your life)
  • Be guided through a powerful practice to connect to the feeling in your body of receiving fully
  • Learn the exact conditions necessary to expand your capacity to receive and exactly how to create those in your mind and body
  • Walk away with easy practices and practical tips to develop your receiving ability further (both in and out of the bedroom)

Get ready to experience oodles of joy and more ecstatic pleasure in your life as a result of applying the skills you will learn in this class.