Savory Starter Guide

A well-resourced mind and body starts with pleasure.

This science-backed guide will help you experience pleasure in a completely new way - not as a reward, or an indulgence or even something you engage in with your leftover energy - but as the VITAL component every woman needs to show up how she wants in her day.

These 3 simple shifts will kick-start your day with a little more "mmmmmm"

It doesn't take a lot, it takes attention and intention.

Remembering that you have choice and when you choose pleasure, everything gets better.

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3 simple shifts is all it takes to ignite your senses, land in your body and start your day with the intent of more pleasure. 

Woman! Listen, it isn't easy to stay grounded in your body with all the stuff going on - career/work life, family responsibilities and I know you aren't playing small.

With all that is going on, the last thing you need is to ADD something more to your list.

That is exactly why I created the Savory Starter Guide. Because every woman should know exactly how to access the pleasure her body is wired for without worrying about how, when and what exactly?!?

But first, before you download this guide, I want you to TRULY open your mind to something . . . what if  . . .

PLEASURE was the answer.

Nourishing, unapologetic, sensual pleasure.

>>> The answer to more energy (yes - so you don't feel like a pile poo at the end of the day)

>>>To more connection to our bodies (because our heads can be cray-cray)

>>>To more presence for our loved ones (It's way easier to not have everyone driving you bananas when you can BE with them) 

>>>To incredible sex (mmmhmmm, all the O's please)

>>>And is at the root of motivation and resilience that will have you following through with your ambitious goals and everyday living (because your goals MATTER and I want you to reach them)

Would you make a couple small shifts for more pleasure if it would lead to all those incredible impacts? I think yes.

And guess what? This isn't a 'what if' sort of situation. 

Pleasure IS the resource we, as women, have been deprived of. 

Studies are being released regularly in the world of neuroscience and psychology that support the importance of pleasure on our brain function, mood and overall well-being.

That means you FEEL better, your brain WORKS better and you aren't grumpy pants or stressed to the max all the time.

Sadly, societal norms have conditioned women to view pleasure with guilt, treating it as a luxury or an earned reward, therefore inhibiting its transformative effects.

Luckily I don't buy into the nonsense that society has fed us and neither will you.

The Savory Starter is your guide to make pleasure simple and attainable.

 In this free guide, you'll:
  • Cultivate a pleasure-centric mindset to set your day's tone.
  • Enrich your morning routine with mindful, sensual pleasure, priming your brain and body
  • Go thru a step-by-step process to strategically create an internal and external environment conducive to pleasure, reaping its many benefits


Not to mention it will set the stage for some delectable experience between the sheets, if you know what I mean 😉

It is time to access the pleasure your body is wired for and leverage the science of neuroplasticity to enhance your brain function, mood, and overall wellbeing. 

Don't let anything stand in your way!

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