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Create time for more intimacy, pleasure, and connection.


Today’s busy lifestyle has a to-do list a mile long, and it is so normal to choose to binge Netflix over intimacy with your partner.

Modern life has a staggering amount of competing obligations that demand all of your time and energy.

Does making time for intimacy with your partner feel like a chore?

Have you let that part of your relationship fall to the back burner or let it drop off altogether?

Is this an issue in your relationship that causes stress and pressure?

You are not alone.



Intimacy is worth the time and effort.


Many couples struggle with connecting with their partner on a regular basis.

It is so easy to fall back on thoughts like: 

  • Other people may have time, but I REALLY do not have time for this. 
  • Is making an effort for more intimacy even worth it? 
  • Passion and desire just are not in the cards for my partner and me.  We had that once but that is all in the past.

 Ok, let's get something straight - all of these thoughts are simply wrong.  

Every woman deserves fulfillment in every part of her life - including the bedroom. 

It is possible to create time for intimacy with your partner without it feeling overwhelming or exhausting.  

You've ended up here for a reason, and the time to change your priorities around intimacy can start TODAY.




The mind is the real source of intimate connection.


By diving into neuroscience and mindset, this course will help you create the desire, connection, and intimacy that continues to go unaddressed.  

These 3 Simple & Effective steps will help you create:

  • Time for consistent intimacy in your busy schedule.
  • Excitement for your time beneath the sheets, no more resistance in sight.
  • A more profound connection with your partner and pleasure.

No one has created a process that addresses a critical factor in intimacy resistance which is TIME. I’ve streamlined the process to get fast results that will last.

Addressing this roadblock will help you pave the way to fulfillment for you and your partner for years to come. 

It is TIME to make time for intimacy and pleasure. You will not regret it! 

ONLY $99.99?! YES PLEASE!!



Every decide that YES you are into a fun session with your partner, but when they ask what you want you totally freeze up?

In this bonus you will receive some practical ideas for exploring pleasure, different things to try from role playing to new techniques and the 'flavor' of experience.

The Sexy Selections makes it easy to start a conversation about desires, curiosities and fantasies so you can go into your scheduled time together with a more enticing plan.




"Danielle has created an amazing online programme consisting of three videos and a workbook to help women create more pleasure and intimacy in their lives. You don't even have to have a partner, however if you do that's covered too. I loved Danielle's humour, knowledge and understanding as well as the practical tips and strategies that were doable straightaway. She also genuinely cared and that oozed over the airwaves and made the world of difference to me.

I laughed out loud, cried, and did the things Danielle suggested. It was perfect timing for me, and it was as though she'd read the exact thoughts in my head and knew what I would do if I didn't make some changes. I'm so grateful.

Danielle's podcast is also worth listening to, as is being on her emailing list... not to mention being part of her 90-day programme. Wherever you are on your pleasure and intimacy journey Danielle can help."




"I calendared and kept the commitment with my husband. I am slowly getting more vocal about what I want from my husband which has been really good and I’m proud of myself. This I celebrate."




"For the first time I actually calendered {intimacy} with my partner. Before it was picked out in my head and less concrete. But I wanted to practice following through so I put it on my calendar and scheduled time beforehand to get out of my head. All of it was helpful and for once I actually went up to him and hinted that he should take a break with me. I never make the first move which has been brought up in the past. So this was totally a win for me."




"I am loving this program SOOO much. And you’re hilarious. It's so funny and makes it easy to watch."




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