Time to create a different type of relationship with your body - one that is loving, trusting, wildly orgasmic and FUN.

Ignite your desire. Feel more confident in your sexual self. Embark on a juicy self-love affair . . . And have way better sex.


I want you to know that  regardless what you learned, creating a life filled with more sensuality, sexual pleasure and meaningful connections is not only  possible, but much more important than we were ever lead to believe. 


And I am here to help deprogram all those shame-y beliefs, get back your energy and feel vibrantly satisfied in your body. 

Maybe you can relate . . .


  • Right now you find yourself not engaging in sexual pleasure often - you're tired, you're busy and in general you aren't feeling that 'into' it. I mean, really, is it that big of  a deal?? There's always later - on the weekend, on vacation, when the kids are gone and the work is done.


  • Most waking hours are spent in your head - thinking, creating, doing and problem solving. 


  • You hate to admit it, but you still have hang-ups around your body. You know you 'should' be past it, but you still notice yourself opting for the lights off, positioning your body in the most attractive angle and not rocking the swim suit like you want. 


  • You know sex can be good, but you're confused how to make it even better. Your arousal feels like a mystery and orgasm only feels possible if you go to your same routine that works everytime.


  • And even though you cognitively understand that there is nothing wrong with your sexuality, your nudity or you being a wildly turned on woman, there is something there that feels kind of 'wrong'. That makes you worried you might change and not for the better, that makes you scrunch up your nose, in fear of becoming 'that kind of woman' . . . so you avoid that thing you are actually curious about. Or even worse, you might 'go' there and immediately feel kind of dirty the next day thinking about it.

Listen, it's ok to be not know what you want, how to experience ecstatic sexual pleasure or even if you want to in the first place.


You were never taught or encouraged. In fact you likely were discouraged and shamed.


But we can change that. And it is important that we DO.


I have been where you are — not loving my body, the mixed messages, the disconnect, reconciling past traumas, health issues and simply not wanting it. I wondered if it even mattered beyond it feeling good and fun. But what I discovered, was that when I focused on this part of my life, everything began to change in the most colorful and joyous way.

I have learned how to have mind-blowing sex and how to infiltrate pleasure, fun and deep compassion into my everyday existence . . . and have helped hundreds of women just like you achieve the same.

I deeply understand the process it takes to become the woman who is turned on, who has more energy for what matters and who creates orgasmic results for herself. I get YOU.

Introducing Undressed


The expertly designed brain and body program where you will:

  • Eliminate shame and transform your relationship to your sexuality in an empowering way.
  • Get turned on in your body using my unique desire on-demand process
  • Feel confident and sexy in the skin you are in
  • Learn how to self-pleasure to orgasmic states in a variety of ways so you KNOW what you want and how you like it
  • Begin prioritizing pleasure because you FEEL how it impacts all areas of your life
  • Overhaul your relationship with your body creating an unconditional love affair where you truly ENJOY being in this body of yours.


Time to elevate your experience of sensual pleasure and unleash your wild, feminine, sexual self!


Undressed is a results driven program

  • This course is designed to infiltrate your life with more orgasmic pleasure and get you tangible results

  • Undressed goes beyond consumption of contents - you will get step-by-step plans, practices and application strategies so you aren't left ever wondering, "yah but what do I DO?"

  • You can enjoy the intimacy of doing this program at your own pace, with suggested "Pleasure Plan" to keep yourself accountable. Join us LIVE and you can choose to go through it with the plan I provide.

  • This foundational approach allows you to make changes now that will keep having compounding effects - from shifts in mind set, optimizing the nervous system and connecting with the felt sense of pleasure - Undressed will have you feeling more alive now and for years to come 

  • And if you join with a friend, you will also receive a Pleasure Bestie Guide - with prompts, ideas and questions for you to support and encourage one another through the process.

What You Get When You Purchase Undressed


The Undressed Course

Lifetime access to the most comprehensive ON DEMAND learning site you can imagine all in bite sized teaching and prompts to work with your busy schedule. It is DOABLE and has EVERYTHING you need to develop the skills to becoming a truly turned on and orgasmic woman. 

Guided Practices & Meditations

A library of guided practices, self-directed practices and meditations to help you get out of your head and into body, amplify your your orgasmic capacity while creating the most loving and trusting relationship with yourself.


That person in the mirror? She's the one responsible for your orgasmic pleasure. 


Guess what? Great news - you are the one responsible for your sexual satisifaction and sensual pleasure. This means you don't have to rely on anyone else to light you ALL the way up, because you have control over that.

That is exactly why Undressed is focused solely on you.

Because the way you relate to yourself and your body, your ability to tap into pleasure and your awareness around your turn-ons/offs is the most influential elements to your overall experience. 

You'll feel the pep in your step and your world will become more colorful simply because you got intentional about your relationship to your body.


Pleasure is created BY you, FOR you.




What you will learn in this program and the skills you will develop will have your body and mind humming on the benefits of pleasure.


Undressed Program Overview


Module 1: A Self-Love Affair

Learn exactly how to be an adoring relationship with you and your body. We were taught how to try and fit into a 'desirable' mode for others now learn how to experience desire for yourself.

Module 2: Invoking The Sensual

Get out of your head and inhabit your embodied sensuality. Most of us have become disconnected from our bodies for a variety of reasons. Learn how to connect with and enhance pleasurable sensations in the body.

Module 3: The Erotic Vessel

Create optimal conditions in mind, body and environment for you to experience elevated experiences of pleasure. Being socialized as women, there are numerous ways we unconscioulsy suppress our desires and cut off from our pleasure. Increase your awareness around your unique turn-ons and turn-offs and how to crank up the volume on the ups and diminish the 'offs'. 

Module 4: Unleash Your Sexual Self

Step into an elevated sexual self-concept. Understand how female sexual pleasure and anatomy actually works. Learn your unique erogenous zones, map your pleasure/arousal and feel confident in creating orgasmic states.

Module 5: Breaking Sexual Shackles

Learn how to overcome many of the common obstacles us women face when leaning into sexual pleasure in modern society. From feeling exhausted, to stress, shame and actually creating the time for it. 

Pay in Full



Pleasure Besties


Buy One For YOU & Get One 1/2 Off!

Listen, this work is about shaking up the way women relate to their sexuality and pleasure. I want all to come for the ride! And what better way to go through the course than with a friend?! 


Payment Plan


Make two payments instead


This is about YOU, but it is so much bigger than that


This is a movement. 


A movement for women to feel safe and gorgeous in their bodies.

Celebrated in their sexuality.

Connected to their desire.

And pursuant of their pleasure for their OWN sake. 

In order for our sexuality to stop being one more way that we 'should' on ourselves, people please and reject our own bodies then WE have got to liberate ourselves.

Stop feeling guilty and shame for making taking action in our own lives to feel more pleasured and sexually satisfied and instead CELEBRATE it.

Experience being a pioneer in the sexual revolution and invite your friends to come along with you. 

We ALL win when more women are pleasure. 

This is exactly why I have the "Pleasure Bestie" discount, because I want to encourage you to bring someone along. To feel bold about talking about your pursuit of pleasure instead of letting society dictate what is 'taboo' and off-limits. To witness the journey of your incredible friend's humanity, fears and orgasmic celebrations. To keep one another accountable in the most supportive way.

When you sign up with a Pleasure Bestie you both will be provided a guide on how you can support each other through the course. 


Plus, it is just FUN to do things together!


Pleasure deserves more than your leftovers.


YOU deserve more than the scraps.


I'm Ready To Create More Pleasure

In this program you will . . .


  • Create desire on demand and know how to get yourself turned on.
  • Stop letting unconscious societal messages dictate the way you feel in your body and with your sexuality and feel more alive and liberated in YOUR body. 
  • Experience more acceptance, love and adoration for YOU - all of you  . . . that fully undressed version
  • Be naked - and fall in LOVE with it
  • Understand how to experience more sensual pleasure and make it a habit in your busy life
  • Be able to identify when you/your body are not open to receiving pleasure and how to shift to a place where arousal is possible
  • Understand your unique erogenous and pleasure zones, how to get aroused and experience orgasmic states
  • Be able to self-pleasure your way to orgasm in a variety of ways
  • Feel confident in knowing what you like and what you want
  • Learn skills like amplifying arousal, the power of imagination for turn-on, increasing desire, creating safety in the body and mindful focus - just to name a few!
  • Forever know how to prioritize pleasure in your life and feel the direct benefits of that — more energy, more resilience, more presence, less stress and more overall joy in life
  • Feel confident navigating obstacles to your pleasure when they arise - like stress, shame, fatigue, general resistance and busy schedules.

Pay in Full



Pleasure Besties


Buy One For YOU & Get One 1/2 Off!

Listen, this work is about shaking up the way women relate to their sexuality and pleasure. I want all to come for the ride! And what better way to go through the course than with a friend?! 


Payment Plan


Make two payments instead


Your body was built to deliver ecstatic pleasure.


Your brain is capable of creating desire.


And the more you allow yourself to experience pleasure, the more satisfied you will feel in all areas of your life.

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