Ep. 92: BETTER Than Better Sex

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2022

In today's episode I interview 5 incredible women that have gone through the Better Sex in 90 Days program in the most recent cohort. Their fears, hesitations and of course the sex and results they got from doing this program. I often talk about the process working through many different layers of what is holding you back from pleasure, and how to access the pleasure that is your birthright and now, you get to hear from the women who have been through it and have built the solid foundation of skills and practices that they can keep returning to again and again. The better sex and so much more.

In these conversations, you will hear them share

  • Why they joined Better Sex in 90 Days - their fears and hesitations
  • Their big takeaways and the obstacles they had to overcome
  • How this work changed them both inside of the bedroom, as well as throughout other parts of their lives
  • What it looked and felt like to work within a group setting, and the joy and freedom they found within it
  • What they would say to someone considering joining Better Sex in 90 Days (spoiler alert, everyone recommends it!)

You’ll also hear them say things like

What I got out of it was so much deeper, so much more about me than it even was about my relationship, my partner, or sex. No regrets!


I fell deeply in love with my own body


Sex was an area where I felt dependent on my partner. And it’s just not a fun dynamic to be like, ‘Hey, if I want to be turned on, I need you’. You get to take responsibility for your own pleasure, and it definitely changes your relationship.


The connection I have with the other women is huge. People would be vulnerable on the calls and I would think, ‘I’m so glad they’re sharing that, because it’s touching me so much, just in the way that I need.


As always, it has been my absolute pleasure to share this episode with you. Thank you to all the women who came on the podcast and took part in the Better Sex in 90 Days group experience. I’m so excited to meet the next group of women who are going to be coming into this group. I can’t wait to hear from you and what your stories are going to look like.

If you’re hearing this, and it’s speaking to you and it’s something you want to do, then I invite you to join Better Sex in 90 Days. We kick off the first week of February! As you can see, everything is there for you to be able to unlearn the things that we’ve been taught in this society that’s holding us back from our pleasure, and learn and access all of the juicy goodness that is available to you.

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