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"It’s My Pleasure" is a podcast devoted to empowering and equipping listeners to enjoy a mind-blowing life - in & out of the bedroom, hosted by Danielle Savory. Our mission is to inspire women to understand how intentionally prioritizing your pleasure and transforming your sex life, not only benefits your intimate relationships, but is the key to your overall happiness and the apex of personal growth. 
With honest discussion about the many challenges women face when it comes to prioritizing their pleasure, listeners will learn cutting edge research in neuroscience, practical psychology and mindfulness based skills so that every woman can enjoy the rewards of feeling lit up in her body. As a master certified coach, Danielle has helped thousands of women maximize their orgasmic potential while unlocking more awareness, creativity and energy in every area of her life. 
It’s time to de-stigmatize female pleasure, elevate the conversation around sex and and understand the power of integrating this aspect of ourselves. 
It’s your pleasure, now it's time to claim it!



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