Ep. 93: From Blah to BJs, Multi-Orgasms & Juicy Marriages

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2022

In this episode I speak with 7 women who went through the first cohort of the Better Sex in 90 Days program. It was such a joy to hear updates from each of them around what the long-term results of doing this work have had on their lives. And by sharing their stories, you’ll get a chance to see just how life-changing this work can be over the 90 days and beyond

If you are ready for better sex, then I invite you to join the Better Sex in 90 Days program, which kicks off in just a few weeks. This is where you’re going to learn everything that I talk about on this podcast, on a deeper level. Over the 90 days, you will learn how to identify what is holding you back from pleasure, how to connect with your body, your partner, and your sexuality all with compassion, and really be able to show up more alive than you thought possible, not just in your sex life, but in every aspect of your life.

Topics in this episode

  • Why they joined Better Sex in 90 Days – where they were starting and their hesitations in joining
  • How they moved through thoughts of shame and religious upbringings  around sex
  • Ways in which they now prioritize pleasure throughout their day-to-day lives
  • Fears about pleasure taking away from business growth
  • The stories of despising bj’s to loving them, becoming multi-orgasmic and living in a more juicy marriage.
  • Self-compassion what does that even look like?
  • The camaraderie of a community of women learning to lean into pleasure

You’ll also hear them say things like

You teach that we can have an amazing sex life whenever. And now the main takeaway is that I can be turned on whenever I want. I have the tools to do it, and it’s not hard at all. It keeps getting better! This is amazing. And it’s my new me.


So much of it for me was about reclaiming my power and trusting my body. I thought that pleasure had to be earned, before. And now I know that I have a right to pleasure that I want, when I want it, just for pleasure sake.


I was worried that pleasure would take away from the business growth. It has really been just so breathtaking to watch the beauty of a woman being present with her own pleasure in all aspects of her life, in the way that that contributes to her blossoming in her full growth potential showing up, too.


It made me feel so normal! When you actually gather with women and they’re actually sharing all their experiences, you get to hear it firsthand. And I walked away from every call just feeling empowered and super connected to women in general, which is so special to me.



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