Ep. 186: 6 Ways To Increase Intimacy NOW

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2024

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Hey welcome back to another mini-episode, where I give you some quick actionable tips or food for thought on a topic.

Today's discussion is a quick list of somethings that you can do right now to increase intimacy with your partner. The truth is, long term partnerships, really any partnership, take effort and attention. And if you don’t water that intimacy plant it will wither and die. But like you, I also have a lot going on. With our busy schedules feeling like we have to do “one more thing” can feel daunting. And it isn’t like you don’t want to help in the intimacy department, but where do you even start?

I got you. This episode will cover 6 easy and tangible ways you can boost your intimacy with your lover right now.

Episode Highlights:

  • Scheduling sex is on the list, again. It will never leave. But perhaps this time listening to why you may be inspired to put in on the damn calendar!
  • Why its important to get uncomfortable with your partner on the regular.
  • Should you be focusing on “me” time or “we” time?
  • Plus more ideas on how to keep that attraction alive!

Featured on the show:

  • Please consider sharing this episode with your partner or a friend who could use more pleasure in their lives.
  • Want more on how to keep the spark alive in a long term partnership? Download my free course FRESH. In this video course you will learn how to make time for one another, have conversations around sexy time and how to help yourself get in the mood. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

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