Ep. 182: When Sex Hurts: 6 Ways For More Pleasure

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2023

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Listen, sex shouldn’t hurt. Period. But the truth is sex hurts for many women and is uncomfortable for so many more. In this episode I will share with you six ways to help make sex more pleasurable.

Please note that this episode is NOT to replace medical care and if you are experiencing pain, I highly recommend you speak to your OBGYN and see a pelvic floor therapist. 

What is shared in this episode has also helped many of my clients, myself included, dramatically reduce pain and I hope in the least, it will allow you to start relating to your pain in a different way.

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Episode Highlights:

  • What happens when we expect sex to hurt
  • Why it’s important to watch “your tone young lady” when noticing your body hurts
  • The relationship between pain and stress
  • Ways you can start reducing your pain right now

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