It is time to see what pleasure can do FOR YOU.


It's time to experience YOUR full body yes.

To see the pleasure you are truly capable of.

And to experience how pleasure can change you - from the tingling in your toes to the way you sashay through your day.

Life is BUSY and your tired of always feeling tired and your intimate relationship and YOU are getting the scraps. 

Time to rest, replenish or even just watch your show or read a book in peace, feels luxurious.

But Pleasure? Sensuality? Deep intimate connection? Um sex??

 When? Where? Like actually how?? And why?

Part of you wonders, is all this effort even worth it?

You and your pleasure are worth your attention, I promise and so is your relationship.

There are so many 'shoulds' , shame and negative beliefs around sex & pleasure that society planted in that beautiful brain of yours and they are working on hyper drive to keep you settling for "just fine".

These subconscious beliefs have a huge impact on how you FEEL in your body -- sexually and beyond.

Sensual and sexual pleasure will directly impact the connection you have with your body, the way you interact with your partner, and the way others experience your confidence and magnetism,

Pleasure will change you from the inside out.

It's TIME NOW to rewire your brain and connect you to your body in the most delightful way.

Hi, I'm Danielle


I have been where you are — the body shame, the mixed messages, the disconnect, reconciling past traumas, health issues and simply not wanting it. I have gone from not great to satisfied to mind-blowing sex. I have learned how to infiltrate pleasure and fun and deep compassion into my everyday existence . . . and have helped hundreds of women just like you achieve the same.

I deeply understand the process it takes to become the woman who is turned on, who follows through and who creates orgasmic results for herself. I get YOU.


This program is based on my years of mindfulness teaching, my background in neuroscience and my extensive trainings & experiences in psychology, sexuality, somatics (mind-body), coaching and behavioral change. 

We will laugh, we will cry, we will cheer in celebration and get to work through the challenges. 

I invite you to find freedom and joy in your sensuality and to reclaim the pleasure that is rightfully yours and I would love to be the one to coach you to that result


Tangled makes rediscovering sexual pleasure not just simple, but doable.


The curated practices are designed for the ambitious woman with a full plate and big aspirations.


No hour-long rituals. No jargon-filled manuals. Just authentic, easy-to-follow steps to awaken you to the pleasure you are wired for.


Just imagine . . .

  • Effortlessly integrating sensuality into your daily routine and boosting connection with your partner, without feeling like it's "one more thing" to schedule in.
  • Having simple frameworks you can immediately implement in your life that inspire sexy sessions, help get you in the mood and have you expanding your orgasmic capacity, allowing you to dive into pleasure without the overwhelm and confusion
  • Making bold decisions in your intimate life without the constant whisper of, "Am I normal?", "Is this okay?", "What will my partner think?", or "What if I’m doing it wrong?"  Say goodbye to uncertainty.
  • Clearly understanding and articulating your deepest desires, ensuring your needs are met, and feeling celebrated, rather than judged, or shameful. AKA say what you want - loud and proud :)
  • Creating an unwavering self-love affair, where challenges are met with resilience, emotions are greeted with understanding, and every day you feel more trusting with your body and bold in who you are.

"I feel like a different woman, more full of life and color."


I joined because I wanted to embrace my sexuality as the beautiful part of me I know it was meant to be.  Sharing this journey with a community of women was so honoring. It was a safe space to share things I've never shared before. I could feel all the love and acceptance. I felt seen, heard and honored.  I reconnected with my body, I released shame, I fell in love with myself and my body for the first time.

I now view sex as beautiful and it's purpose is for pleasure and connection, in the past it was a duty and not enjoyable. Self pleasure was full of shame for me before, now it is a way for me to connect with myself and my body. I am so excited for sex with a partner, in the past my relationship felt like we were both voiceless puppets going through the motions. In my next relationship I am excited to talk about sex and what I want and need and encourage him to share all that he desires too.

My relationship with myself has deepened because of the self compassion I learned to have for myself. Awakening desire has brought a whole new dimension and depth to my being. I feel like a different woman, more full of life and color. My writing/creativity has been sparked.

-Group Coaching Graduate

"Truly transformative."


This was truly transformative. I feel a bit of a struggle trying to quantify in words what this has done for me. I feel liberated, unashamed, and validated by the knowledge and experience of the coaching and the program. It has been a rich experience.

I want you to know that this program could be the difference between a sex life in black and white or one that is high definition and technicolor. If you want to feel empowered as a woman and have greater pleasure in your life don't hesitate. For me, the benefits of this went beyond my sex life. It helped me bring pleasure into all aspects of my days.

-Tonya, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.


LIVE Weekly Group Coaching

75 min weekly group sessions for 12 consecutive weeks. 

Ask questions, get masterful coaching, and experience the power of women sharing.

No more wondering what you should do next, if you were being 'outline', how to actually make time for things when you are so tired. This is YOUR time to get coached on whatever is holding you back from being turned on and pleasure. 

Individualized Private Feedback

A unique and effective system to look at all the factors getting in the way of you having the BEST sex of your life. Get personalized and direct feedback on HOW you can improve on the sex you are (or aren’t) having.


Bonus#1: Library of over 100 Sex-essments for you to learn from and apply to your own life

Total Value = $499

Bonus #2: Private Podcast

A library of guided practices and meditations to help you get out of your head and into body, amplify your your orgasmic capacity and develop a confident sexual self-concept.

Library Value = $499

Bonus #3 & 4: Dreamy BJ Course and Physical Pain & Pleasure

Enjoy lifetime access to the course that will have you loving BJs and how you can experience more pleasure, when you live in a body with pain.

Total Value = $199

BONUS #5: Entire Undressed Course

Now including Lifetime access to Undressed Course anytime you want.

  • Drop self-doubt, self-consciousness and shame and feel confident in your sensual self.
  • Create desire on demand
  • Feel confident in your changing body
  • Touch yourself without feeling shame or awkwardness so that you can learn exactly what your body like.

Total Value = $997

Value of the coach program = $2999

+ all the bonuses = over $5K


Investment for Fall 2023 cohort only:

$1999 or 3 payments of $669



Here's the deal. . .

 TANGLED isn't just another program - with date night ideas, games or positions to try. 

It's a curated, tried and true, blend of neuroscience, mindfulness, embodiment techniques, and practical life coaching.

It's tailored for real women, with real lives, seeking real results.

We get to the root of what is holding you back from engaging with pleasure and living as a turned on woman. 

It's time for a change.

Let’s untangle the myths, the stories and the oh- so limiting nonsense that society taught you about pleasure and sex and start to  embrace the truths, and marinate in the juiciness of unapologetic pleasure.

You deserve to enjoy every single delicious inch of who you are.

In this program you will . . .


  • Be part of a fun community of women learning to rewire societal messages to fully OWN their sexy self.
  • Know how to communicate about sex confidently on your terms
  • Experience more juicy passion with yourself and your partner - and it only gets better
  • Forever know how to prioritize pleasure in your life and feel the direct benefits of that — more energy, more resilience, more presence, less stress and more overall joy in life
  • Feel courageous in asking for what you want and trying new things
  • Become a turned on woman who feels confident in the bedroom and beyond
  • Create desire on demand and pleasure in your body - a skill to use for the rest of your life
  • Prevent sexual slumps and know exactly how to get yourself out of one if needed


Oh, and have the hottest sex of your life!

I want these results!!



I kind of thought you were full of shit. I heard you saying that this could be a thing. Like the more pleasure in your life and the better sex got then it would change everything.

And now I see it's true -- my entire self-concept has changed. What felt impossible not that long ago feels so doable. I have created so much beyond my pleasure. 

-Group Coaching Graduate

This work has changed everything! Learning how to speak to myself and to prioritize myself has changed everything in my life from my marriage to my sex life to my career. My experience as a human has improved & so have all of the results in my life.

-Whitney, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

Danielle said it but I didn't get it until now... pleasure is really for me.

And in feeling this and valuing it, our intimate relationship is soooo much better.

10 years of sex and it just gets better and better.

-Elizabeth, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

"I create desire - I'm in charge of it!"


I was always stuck in my head. Feeling like I was doing it wrong. Blaming my husband. Frustrated that I didn't have the "desire" I once had. I wanted to to want sex. I didn't want it to feel like a chore anymore.

Now?? I create desire - I'm in charge of it! Not judging the distracting thoughts that pop up when being intimate - seeing the thought and releasing it. Getting out of my head more. Choosing things for me. Following my own pleasure. Taking ownership over my body and desire - I see myself simply thinking about pleasure (not just sexual, but generally) and smiling more. Making choices that are fun and relaxing, just because.

This isn't just about sex. It's about never looking to someone else to create desire and pleasure in your life. It is about stepping into a more powerful version of yourself who is unashamed of what she wants.

It was a true pleasure learning from Danielle and watching her coach. I realized quickly how deeply ingrained some of my misaligned thoughts were - so much so, that I couldn't even see the judgement in them. This was a freeing process!

-Rebecca, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions


Enroll Now


This program has changed my life in two major ways:

  1. I no longer believe the story that I am broken. My brain will still offer this, but I no longer believe it’s true.
  2. I invite pleasure into my life in ways that I never have before. This means that there is MORE pleasure in my life. More enjoyment of life, in ways that I did not recognize as enjoyable before. I never took the time to slow down and “smell the roses.”

I have more sex, I enjoy sex more, and I allow myself permission to have more pleasure in my body and my life. Not just sexual pleasure, but being aware and grateful for all the pleasure. 

Deep gratitude to you, Danielle, for the amazing, empowering, life-changing work you do!

-Delane, Group Coaching Graduate

Basically my entire pregnancy I was feeling too sick/yuck for sexy times

And today we GOT SEXY

And I can't think of a non-weird way to say this but . . .

It was all thanks to you.

Hoooo-ey! It’s no joke to get sexy with your man with your postpartum body changed AND general postpartum chaos

But your teachings made me believe I can be sexy, that WE can be sexy…. In the middle of all of this

And that is a big fucking deal.

Thank you.

-Group Coaching Graduate

Sex was an area where I felt dependent on my partner. And it’s just not a fun dynamic to be like, "Hey, if I want to be turned on, I need you."

You get to take responsibility for your own pleasure, and it definitely changes your relationship.

-Vikki, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

I joined to reconnect to my inner turned-on woman who felt lost in the midst of martial drama. I also joined to get to a more neutral place within said marriage to determine whether to stay or go.

Thank you, for everything. Your wisdom and skillful yet playful delivery has set me on a trajectory that I feel very excited about.

What I got out of it was so much deeper, so much more about me than it even was about my relationship, my partner, or sex. No regrets!

-Ruthie, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

"10,000% Return"


There is no right time to join. Whatever space you give it will transform you. By starting right now, you're giving yourself something that will only grow. So don't wait.

If doing everything in the program is a 100% self-score, I'd give myself a 17% and even there I got a 10,000% return to my relationship and experience with myself and my partner.

-Elizabeth, Group Coaching Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.


Master the art and science of sensuality --  become orgasmic for LIFE.


*Please note that Tangled was formerly run by a different name, Better Sex in 90 Days and with the new name change also came a revitalization of content and materials. As growth goes, the process has, and always will continue, to be refined to offer the very best for each and every client.

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