"I AM LITERALLY CRYING TEARS OF JOY as I send you this message. I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I’m sending you so much joy, love, and gratitude right now for the work you are doing. I want every single woman to believe that she is worth the time, money, and effort that goes into truly loving themselves and doing this work FOR THEMSELVES so they can also experience this ecstasy!!"

"Understanding your sexuality and trusting your sexuality is the best gift you can give yourself. Being with other women doing the same thing will be monumental. Taking the leap to say yes alone will be transformational. Do it. There’s no way you could possibly regret it!"

"Do it!!!!!!! It’s amazing. You will learn so much more than just how to have better sex. You will learn how to be with yourself in an entirely different way, and feel more loved and supported than ever before. Just the content you get access to is more than worth it. And coaching with Danielle – having her as your mentor and being able to learn from her – that takes the cake. Coaching with her is the best investment I’ve made! And she always leaves me wanting more!"

"I’m Unashamed, more in my power (Danielle, this is sacred. Tears. So good. Everything.) – Closeness with myself, connection with myself, clarity, and closeness with the hubs because I like sex more. More empowered and confident in my business."

"DO IT! If you want more for yourself do yourself a favor and sign up. I’ve tried other programs and courses looking for the changes I found here."

"I would have never thought I would invest in sex coaching. And it was a deeper and more powerful return on investment that I could have imagined at the start. There is a holistic approach, wrapped in safety, openness and love that Danielle creates. I’m forever better for having implemented pieces of this work. "

"If you are curious, don’t think twice about it. Just do it. Danielle has a gift for teaching this work and coaching you through the difficult spots. Your future self will thank you."

"The results of this work weren’t the mind-blowing orgasms that I thought I was working towards, but I think it’s better than that. I feel so much more peace and acceptance with myself- my body, my past relationships, my relationship with my husband. "

"I came for the sex but left as a more fulfilled woman in every aspect of my life. Danielle’s unique process (that works!) takes you on a journey of evolving and a deepening of the human experience. Hire Danielle. It was the best money I’ve spent this year and was the best gift to myself."

"Working with Danielle is exactly what I needed when I needed it. I hired her 6 months before my wedding, because I realized, I wasn’t being fully present in my life and was pulling away from my now husband on an intimate level. Through our work together, I have learned how to have self compassion that I never had before. It has changed the way I do everything; the way I run my business, the way I live my life, the way I interact with my husband and everything else. "

"The benefits of this went beyond my sex life. I had a few reasons for joining Better Sex in 90 Days. I wanted to explore what a pleasurable life for me would look like. I spent my whole life thinking about, performing for everyone else. I didn't know what it was like to be in charge of my own pleasure without shame and fear still being present. Sharing this experience with others was so supportive! Hearing others share their journey was helpful especially when someone else would share something that connected for me too. It was comforting to know you aren't the only one to have some of these experiences. Now I'm more present for sex for sure and feeling less self-pressure to be immediately "on." I am enjoying feeling pleasure both on my own and with my husband more fully. He never pressured me for sex but I would pressure myself and asking for sexy time feels empowering. I feel empowered having stepped into a sexy turned on version of myself I'd never experienced before. I'm finding more ways to experience pleasure, not just in the bedroom. I'm dancing again. This was truly transformative. I feel a bit of a struggle trying to quantify in words what this has done for me. I feel liberated, unashamed, and validated by the knowledge and experience of the coaching and the program. It has been a rich experience. Considering Better Sex in 90 Days? This program could be the difference between a sex life in black and white or one that is high definition and technicolor. If you want to feel empowered as a woman, and have greater pleasure in your life don't hesitate. For me, the benefits of this went beyond my sex life. It helped me bring pleasure into all aspects of my days. "

Tanya Sisson

"Women deserve this information and experience. I joined Better Sex in 90 Days because I wanted to create more pleasure in my life, I wanted to learn more about self pleasure in particular and build a better relationship with my body. I also had a past incident that I had shoved to the side for a decade and I wanted to get control over it. I loved the meditations - the one that gets you ready for pleasure literally works every time. So perfect. I also loved learning about my vulva, and building a relationship with that part of my body. I loved the group experience. It was such a powerful way to learn from others, face vulnerability, be held, be seen and give support through to others through your growth. I loved it. Benefits or shifts? Self pleasure Saturdays, every Saturday... And not just touching myself, but starting my day with a long bath, long walks, slowing down, I even have reduced my working hours to 30 hours a week, I feel more patient with myself and accepting everything in my past. I already had a morning routine, but now I clearly know that my mornings, and my priority, is me, my time for me, moving my body for me, coaching my brain for me, I just have a way better relationship with myself. I also talk to my girlfriends more about self pleasure than ever before - also telling them all to join Danielle's program because women deserve this information and experience. Considering Better Sex in 90 Days? Do it, you deserve this information, this relationship with yourself and more pleasure in your life. It's the one thing we don't have enough of, genuine pleasure, not manufactured through food or drugs, but our own brain. "

Vikki Louise

"I am wanting sex more. I was wanting to have more "desire" for sex. I knew it was so much of my thoughts and strict belief system that got in my way. I enjoy sex once I am in the middle of it, but I wanted to change my thought process to see it as something for me, not just my husband. I loved each of the lessons and meditations and the thoroughness. Nothing was left uncovered. Each one shifted my beliefs about myself. Sharing this journey with a community of women was so helpful. Even though I had to watch some of the calls as recordings, I felt normal. I felt heard. It was amazing how each of the women's experiences spoke to me and helped me on my journey. Benefits or shifts? I thought about pleasure very differently. I started looking at my body differently in the mirror. I really felt my body for the first time. My relationship with myself has changed the most. It did bring up some stuff that was not fun to have to experience, but it needed to come out. There were parts that came with resistance, that my mind and body did not want to let go of, but I am seeing as I continue to work on it, I am wanting sex more. I am kinder in my words to myself. There is so much to learn about yourself. Danielle is so open and willing to serve. She is changing the story around sex and keeping it simple. "

Dana Palmer

"I was always stuck in my head. Feeling like I was doing it wrong. Blaming my husband. Frustrated that I didn't have the "desire" I once had. I wanted to to want sex. I didn't want it to feel like a chore anymore. As with any group experience...it is powerful to think "I am not alone". To hear others say the same thing is empowering. Also, the openness of just talking about sex was refreshing. Benefits or shifts? I create desire - I'm in charge of it! Not judging the distracting thoughts that pop up when being intimate - seeing the thought and releasing it. There is nothing wrong with how long it takes me to get to desire. There is no right or wrong. Also, more regular sex. If I was like a 2 out of 10 before in "looking forward to it" I am like a 6 out of 10 now. I know I am in control of it. I am just getting out of my head more. Choosing things for me. Following my own pleasure. Taking ownership over my body and desire - I see myself simply thinking about pleasure (not just sexual, but generally) and smiling more. Making choices that are fun and relaxing, just because. Know that it isn't just about sex. It's about never looking to someone else to create desire and pleasure in your life. It is about stepping into a more powerful version of yourself who is unashamed of what she wants. It was a true pleasure learning from Danielle and watching her coach. I realized quickly how deeply ingrained some of my misaligned thoughts were - so much so, that I couldn't even see the judgement in them. This was a freeing process! "

Rebecca Olson

"I would have never thought I would invest in sex coaching. And it was a deeper and more powerful return on investment that I could have imagined at the start. There is a holistic approach, wrapped in safety, openness and love that Danielle creates. I'm forever better for having implemented pieces of this work."


"I came for the sex but left as a more fulfilled woman in every aspect of my life. Danielles unique process (that works!) takes you on a journey of evolving and a deepening of the human experience. It was a journey of what it means to be a woman in today’s world. This is feminism at its finest.The group setting was so empowering. Through hearing others women’s stories of their struggles with sex in their marriages, or in a relationship or not partnered at all, to hearing their victories it allowed me to release a lot of shame around being in a nearly sexless marriage. And to release a lot of shame around talking and thinking about sex which was sooooo liberating.Danielle is the perfect guide for this journey. She’s done the work herself. And her compassion and deep love for women and humanity are magnetic. She modeled a self-compassion that was beautiful to witness. And taught us how to cultivate our own self compassion, which is directly related to how much sex you have it turns out! As a high achieving woman this was some of the most powerful work we did. And.... I am happy to report that through Danielles process I was able to go from having sex once every 2 or 3 months to once a week. Boom! I learned tools for how to leave the stresses of my business behind and make pleasure a priority.Hire Danielle. It was the best money I’ve spent this year and was the best gift to myself."


"I felt really hesitant before signing up. I did desperately want help and to improve my sex life, but I also was skeptical that it could actually work. I had a lot of negative sexual experiences in my past, including trauma and a feelings of shame. I had been to therapy and nothing really seemed to help me. If anything, talking about it just made it worse. I didn’t know if what was happening with my partner now had anything to do with my past. I had a hunch that it could be related, but it also didn’t make sense because I felt really safe and actually really wanted to be having sex with him. I was also confused because this hadn’t been an issue in any of my sexual relationships the last couple years and in the first few months of being with him. It was like out of no where my body just started closing up when he would touch me. He would grab my butt when I was getting ready and I would slap his hand away. He would be giving me a back rub, but if his hand wandered too low then my body closed up and felt turned off. It was like my heart and mind wanted to be having sex with him, but my body wasn’t interested or cooperating. Danielle helped me to solve this. (And writing that fills my eyes with tears.) We were able to get my body back on board without having to talk about any memories or specific of what happened in the past. She helped me to see how yes, in fact, the sex “issues” that I had now were related to what happened before AND she helped me to work through it and actually enjoy and desire my partner’s touch. If you’re considering, and hesitant, thinking maybe you have too much sexual history/“baggage” to work through … you don’t. Better sex is possible for you too. "


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