Each programs or offerings is based on my years of mindfulness teaching, my background in neuroscience and my many trainings on psychology, sexuality, somatics and behavioral change and are guaranteed to change your life in a profound way. {Read more about my philosophy HERE}
I’ve spent the last several years coaching hundreds of women to powerfully transform their relationship with their sexuality and sensual pleasure and each program is expertly designed to get you the results you are looking for.
These comprehensive programs work at the root of what is holding you back from pleasure. From guided practices to get you feeling deeply connected and lit up in your body, addressing nervous system needs, deprograming harmful socialization, shifting the mindset, communication techniques and easy applicable tips - you will find you have everything you need to live as a turned on and immensely pleasured woman.
I invite you to find freedom and joy in your sensuality, to reclaim what is rightfully yours - your body, your pleasure, your orgasmic potential.
Discover the variety of programs and coaching offered below. 


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Learn how to completely transform your relationship with your sexuality, body and intimate relationships. Each course offers a comprehensive curriculum that you can do complete on your own or during one of our LIVE offerings. 



Unlock your pleasure potential in the intimate coaching container. Coaching packages range from weekend intensives to year long agreements. 



The Group CoachingĀ Program is your chance to be in a community with women all committed to living as their most turned on and orgasmically pleasured selves. You will have access to weekly coaching calls, taken throughĀ transformational proven process, and personalized sex-essments. The group coaching is your way to take it to the NEXT level. EnrollmentĀ NOW OPEN



  • If you are completely new to this work I recommend you begin listening to It’s My Pleasure Podcast. This will give you a feel for how your brain, body and sensuality are so intimately connected. This podcast will introduce you to foundational concepts as well as give you some applicable tips you can begin implementing right away.
  • If you understand the general concepts but are ready to start actually applying them to your life, then for sure take one of the courses. The courses are the most comprehensible way to take the information and implement it so you start seeing long lasting results. These courses are designed to give you tangible outcomes through educational videos, guided practices and meditations and a playbook (aka workbook) to make lasting changes at the psychological level that is felt in the body. Courses are completely stand alone that you can do in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace OR join LIVE when they are offered and have the ability to ask questions in real time and keep accountable to the work.
  • Already done some of the courses and want to be share in your growth with other women? The Turned On Woman membership is a place where you have a chance to be expertly coached and guided each week on our group coaching calls. You will also have access to individualized assessments where you can increase your awareness on the sex you are having (or aren’t) and get my personal feedback. 
  • Want to deep dive but do so without the group? No problem, I totally get. sign-up to work with me personally in a 1:1 coaching session.
    • Let's hear from these women in their own words:
    • After years of painful sex due to early menopause, I'd given up. My husband I hadn't had intercourse in years, and no regular intimacy in nearly a decade. I'd tried MANY things before: sex therapy, couples therapy, individual therapy, EMDR.
    • My husband told he had 'given up' on trying to have sex with me because he was feeling rejected a lot. So I didn't want that for my marriage. I wanted a strong connected marriage.
    • Work-life balance, my life was disappearing in my biz. Shame asking for what I wanted in the bedroom.
    • I was stuck in a cycle of having low desire and then having severe guilt for my lower desire (which lowered my desire even more). My boyfriend has a high desire level, and I have always shamed myself and told myself I'm not good enough for him because of it.
    • When I joined I was wanting to have more "desire" for sex. I knew it was so much of my thoughts and strict belief system that got in my way. I enjoy sex once I am in the middle of it, and actually have good sex but I wanted to change my thought process to see it as something for me, not just my husband.
    • I was already having great sex with my partner! However, I wanted to create more pleasure in my life, I wanted to learn more about self pleasure in particular and build a better relationship with my body. I also had a past incident that I had shoved to the side for a decade and I wanted to get control over it.
    • I was always stuck in my head. Feeling like I was doing it wrong. Blaming my husband. Frustrated that I didn't have the "desire" I once had. I wanted to to want sex. I didn't want it to feel like a chore anymore.
    • I joined BS90 to reconnect to my inner turned-on woman who felt lost in the midst of marital drama. I also joined to get to a more neutral place within said marriage to determine whether to stay or go.
    • I have to admit, I really joined the program so I could give my husband the sexual gifts that I felt he deserved. I have always had a tough time feeling "sexy", initiating sex, and voicing my desires. I wanted to be the "full package" for my husband. What I learned is that if I focus on MY pleasure, I become all those things for my husband.
    • I had a few reasons for joining. I wanted to explore what a pleasurable life for me would look like. I spent my whole life thinking about, performing for everyone else. I didn't know what it was like to be in charge of my own pleasure without shame and fear still being present.
    • My boyfriend and I were not having as much sex anymore. I was struggling on how to communicate what I liked, wanted, enjoyed in the bedroom. I wanted to learn how to overcome this block. I also lost desire for sex and hardly wanted or had sex which really hurt my boyfriend which then hurt me as well. I wanted to learn how to get my desire back.
    • I wanted to embrace my sexuality as the beautiful part of me I know it was meant to be.
    • I had a realization that I was having sex with husband because he wanted to and I was doing it to appease him. I wanted to like having sex FOR ME and I wanted to strengthen our marriage through looking forward to being with my husband and having better sex. I also wanted to love my body and not have any insecurities about sex and my body.
    • I have always been “meh” about sex, but saw how important it was to my husband. I was curious if I could enjoy it, and what affect that would have on the rest of my life.
    • My relationship with sex at this stage in life was lacking and I refused to believe I was going to face the next half of my life with the same. I wanted to stare it straight in the face and say - I see you, I value you, let's work together and make this next life chapter technicolor. What if I have better sex in my 40s, 50s, 60s+ than as a younger woman?
    • Sex is always something that I’ve had an insecurity about- an area that I’ve felt broken in. I’ve thought that mine isn’t as good as it should be or that I’m not good enough in bed. And with that, I’ve noticed how much I hold myself back - I know that it could be so much better if I just let go
    • I was frustrated with the lack of sex and lack of pleasure in my life. Every other aspect of my life is amazing and I thought it was okay to have this one missing piece of being a sexually pleasured and embodied woman. Until the pain of staying the same outgrew the pain of growing. And then I found Danielle!
    • I set out to get more pleasure. I was hesitant to invest time and money in myself for pleasure, but thought "best case scenario, it's worth it to be working out new muscles: my genitals, my brain and my heart". I wanted to be able to feel- actually feel emotions in my physical body. I wanted to experience the rollercoaster of all the descriptive emotion-words I knew. I wanted to be the person who knew the answer when asked what I wanted during sex. I wanted to be emboldened and unapologetic online and offline. I was doing this for me.
    • I was frustrated with not enjoying sex and not being eager to be in the bedroom with my husband. I resisted feeling sexual, being sexual, owning my who I was created to be and just being overall afraid of sex and the possibility of intense pleasure.
    • I wanted to lean into the woman I'm becoming even more and wanted the group experience! Also just really wanted to work with Danielle longer. (From someone who worked with Danielle 1:1 prior to the group experience.)
    • During the years my husband was in med school we both put our sexual pleasure on the back burner. When med school was over we realized things needed to change but weirdly we didn't know how to do that. I had put up barriers to sex that I didn't even know I had. I wanted to ignite more sexual desire to create a more vibrant sex life with my husband.
    • I had just completed 6 months of private coaching with Danielle. I absolutely LOVED working with her and I wasn't ready to stop doing all the work that I had done on myself. I felt that being in a group setting, I would be able to see that I wasn't alone and that other women were probably having the same feelings that I was and thought that would be helpful.
  • I HAD SEX WITH MY HUSBAND, three weeks in a row, for the first time in at least three years. But we haven't had sex this consistently in nearly a decade. And now I can't wait for the next time. I think about sex more, I am having sex and more sex than I have had in years, and it's fantastic.
  • More sex, more initiating it, being able to say 'not now', bigger orgasms, seeing sex as FOR me when i'm tired as a release or comfort.
  • I am much more able to detach from and observe my thoughts than ever before. This really helps me to manage my stress levels and not react so much to the negative thoughts about myself and sex. I started doing this program because I wanted to "get better" for my partner, but I learned that it's possible to get to a place where I want to do this for myself. Relatedly, I also learned it's possible to want sex because it's pleasurable for ME, not just because I tell myself I have to for my partner.
  • I started looking at my body differently in the mirror. I really felt in love with my body for the first time.
  • Self pleasure Saturdays, every Saturday... And not just touching myself, but starting my day with a long bath, long walks, slowing down, I even have reduced my working hours to 30 hours a week, I feel more patient with myself and accepting everything in my past.
  • I create desire - I'm in charge of it! Not judging the distracting thoughts that pop up when being intimate - seeing the thought and releasing it. There is nothing wrong with how long it takes me to get to desire. There is no right or wrong.
  • I thought about sex a lot more and that in turn created more desire, which led to more sex. This course was a catalyst for many great discussions with my husband too!
  • I'm more present for sex for sure and feeling less self-pressure to be immediately "on." I am enjoying feeling pleasure both on my own and with my husband more fully. He never pressured me for sex but I would pressure myself and asking for sexy time feels empowering.
  • I reconnected with my body, I released shame, I fell in love with myself and my body for the first time.
  • Had more sex, sex feels better, finding more love and connection with myself and my husband.
  • More presence in sex- able to just breathe into it and let those thoughts go. More comfortable in my body, especially with these parts of me. Ability to truly feel and process my emotions- that body awareness. Better able to connect and communicate with my husband. Knowing that I am committed to doing this work for the rest of my life. Knowing that I’m not broken.
  • I view sex as beautiful and it's purpose is for pleasure and connection, in the past it was a duty and not enjoyable. Self pleasure was full of shame for me before, now it is a way for me to connect with myself and my body. I am so excited for sex with a partner, in the past my relationship felt like we were both voiceless puppets going through the motions. In my next relationship I am excited to talk about sex and what I want and need and encourage him to share all that he desires too. My relationship with myself has deepened because of the self compassion I learned to have for myself. Awakening desire has brought a whole new dimension and depth to my being. I feel like a different woman, more full of life and color. My writing/creativity has been sparked.
  • More present in every aspect of my life. Way more sex. Learning to prioritize pleasure over the to-do list.
  • I feel empowered having stepped into a sexy turned on version of myself I'd never experienced before. I'm finding more ways to experience pleasure, not just in the bedroom. I'm dancing again.
  • I definitely slowed the fuck down! I took notice of feelings inside my body, I focused on getting more pleasure out of every aspect of like. More presence in and out of the bedroom, more pleasure, more comfortable in my own body.
  • Unashamed, more in my power (Danielle, this is sacred. Tears. So good. Everything.) - Closeness with myself, connection with myself, clarity and closeness with the hubs because I like sex more. More empowered and confident in my business.
  • Anticipating sex more throughout the day - really allowing myself to think about and look forward to sexy time outside of sexy time - seriously such a gift - less compartmentalized. Keeping sex a priority even when more time / stress in my biz. More presence / ability to be with emotions.
  • Releasing shame, taking time for pleasure (like ACTUALLY doing it, bridging that gap finally), more self love which is invaluable.
  • I'm making my personal pleasure more of a priority. I'm allowing myself to be turned on during the day without shame or trying the stop it. I'm spending more time in my body instead of my head. I'm not apologizing for my wants in bed anymore. I'm creating a healthier dialogue regarding my body image as well, which allows me to love myself and accept the love from my husband.
  • More presence. More thinking about pleasure and infusing that into most of my day, not as an afterthought. More self compassion. More fun. And not rushing or pressuring myself during sex.
  • If you'd like to hear more personal testimonials about the benefits of participating in this program, check out these podcasts:
Better Sex in 90 Day is no longer available, however a new group coaching program is in the works and will be offered in February of 2023 for its first enrollment. Please join the waitlist above or email to make sure you are the first to know! [email protected].
There is a whole range of price points to get your pleasure needs met. The podcast and email list is an excellent free resource that will give you weekly insight. The courses start at $469. Coaching ranges from $3,000 - $15,000.
In some cases payment options (other than the ones already stated on each offering) may be available. Danielle is willing to work with you if are truly committed to your growth and figuring out the financial end of things. Please email [email protected].
I am a certified trauma-informed coach. Additionally, you will learn tools (many are the same ones I used to process my own trauma) to help support you in your healing journey. I would also say that it is important to understand where you are at with your trauma - some are at the very beginning and some have done some work and are ready to move beyond the healing and step into the body in a safe and pleasurable way. The course and coaching doesn’t do a trauma specific training, though the teachings will be through a lens of trauma awareness and creating safety in your body. If you are looking to specifically focus on only your trauma then I would recommend doing that separately from the program. Depending on the nature and severity of your trauma I would recommend reaching out to a therapist or trauma specialist if needed first, like if it feels “red hot” to touch then this might be the best first step with you before joining any programs. If you have more questions about your unique situation please email me directly at [email protected].
  • The programs are for people who identify as women.  Materials relating to sexuality are designed to speak to female anatomy and pleasure. 
  • You can be single, partnered and/or in an open relationship. These programs are appropriate for women partnered with any gender, however please note that Danielle’s own lived experience (which she may refer to in teachings) are all based on a heterosexual relationship. 
Absolutely. Your relationship with yourself - how you view yourself and your body - is the most important relationship of all. Additionally, bringing more pleasure into your life doesn't require you to have a partner. Let's create a love affair with YOU and then what you will learn will start your foundation for your next relationship in such a grounded way. Undressed is specifically focused on your own relationship with sexuality. Plus all the coaching programs (1:1 or membership) are to catered directly TO YOU.
  • For program-specific questions, tech questions and or publicity inquiries please email [email protected].
  • For questions of a more personal or intimate that you want to discuss specifically with Danielle, please email her directly at [email protected].

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